Fire triggered by elevator crash kills four in Dhaka market  
June 24th, 2016 Author On Accident, frontnews, highlighted, News, Top News
Fire triggered by elevator crash kills four in Dhaka market  

Dhaka – At least four people have been killed after a fire broke out at a multi-storey building that housed market and residents in Dhaka’s Uttara neighbourhood, fire-fighting officials and witnesses said.

The fire is believed to have originated for an elevator crash at Alauddin Tower in the evening also left more than a dozen shoppers injured.

Four people, including three of a family, who suffer severe burn injuries were rushed to Dhaka Medical College Hospital.

They were attending an Iftar party at the ground-floor of the building, medical sources said.

An investigation was launched after the fire-fighters doused the flame, said Major Shakil Newaz, director (operations) at the Fire Service and Civil Defence department.

The fire broke out at about 6.30pm local time and immediately engulfed most part of the building. The fire-fighters could not immediately determine the cause of the fire.

Thirteen-units from the fire-fighting department brought the flame under control after more than three hours of efforts. Residents from the 16-storey building were evacuated after the accident, said Newaz.

An operator of fire service and civil defence control room said that he was informed about death of four people. But a police officer of Uttara zone said five people were killed.