Tensions over future as Britain votes out of EU
June 24th, 2016 Author On frontnews, highlighted, News, Politics, Top News
Tensions over future as Britain votes out of EU

By Nadeem Qadir :

A tensed atmosphere is prevailing in Great Britain and across the European Union (EU) as the Britain voted out of EU with a four percent margin.

It was indeed a roller-coaster election with stay and leave changing places almost most of the time, but by breakfast it was clear Leave won with the pound sterling recording a 30-year fall in the money market. Stocks too also fell.

First, if we talk about Bangladesh, then the issue has to be quota -free garment  export to EU. Will this has to be renegotiated or for that matter other contracts. Will the aid flow drop with Briexit leaders taking charge of the country and will immigration get even tougher. The visa regime is already very offending for Bangladeshis and many travel to other parts of Europe, but not London.

Britain is clearly divided from the United Kingdom it boasts with this referendum.  Bangladeshi- origins in Britain were also divided. Those who are on the winning side say job markets will improve, businesses will open to Asians and National Health Service will provide better services.


UK referendum – courtesy USA Today

Those who voted stay, are worried about the economy and security, besides the pain of breaking up from a family. It is feared a period of unstable political scenario was imminent.

Already Scotland has indicated it will go for a vote to decide whether to stay with UK or not, and very soon Northern Ireland is likely follow suit.

The blames goes to politicians. Prime Minister David Cameron, who has resigned, went for the Referendum to curtail divisions and leadership challenges in his Conservative Party, while opponents Boris Johnson campaigned to leave to climb the political ladder.

Analysts in London say that British politics is undergoing a major change from center-left and center-right to extremists, which could make Britain smaller and weaker.

Since it will be at least year before Britain gets out of EU officials, it will give a period to think over again whether to finally quit or not.

Nadeem QadirThe writer is a senior journalist, a UNCA Dag Hammarskjold Scholar in journalism. He is the Press Minister of Bangladesh High Commission in London.