Police shoot criminals only in self-defence, says DMP boss
June 23rd, 2016 Author On Crime, frontnews, highlighted, Metro, Top News
Police shoot criminals only in self-defence, says DMP boss

Dhaka – Police boss of Dhaka city on Thursday said the law enforcements are allowed to shoot in self-defence in the case they are attacked while dealing with crimes.

“Our intention is not to kill anyone without trial and our task is to bring the criminal to justice,” said Asaduzzaman Mia, Dhaka Metropolitan Police Commissioner while addressing a traffic awareness programme in the city.

The clarification came from the police boss after the department faced criticism for extra-judicial killings that take place during the so-called ‘gunfight’.

Two Suspected Islamic militants were reportedly killed in gunfight with police earlier this week.

Terming the extrajudicial killings as propaganda, Asaduzzaman Mia said, “It is also our duty to save our life if terrorists fire guns on us and it cannot be called as ‘crossfire’s.’

Claiming retaliation as the police right, DMP commissioner said, “we can protect us if we are attacked under the article 106 and 99 of Bangladesh Penal Code.”

He said that in a retaliation process a lawmen can be hurt also and it cannot be called as ‘crossfire.’

Inviting all the city people to follow the traffic rule the DMP commissioner said, “From the past two month we tried lot change the traffic policy in the city and terminated the wrong way driving.”

A 20-minute documentary film was shown before the audience by police department on traffic rules.