31 species extinct from Bangladesh, IUCN report says
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31 species extinct from Bangladesh, IUCN report says

Dhaka – Bangladesh on the pretext of nature destruction faced an expansive extinction of wildlife once roamed around the forests of the south Asian country.

In 19th century, there were rhinoceros but they are no more in the coastal forests of Bangladesh.

Around 31 animal species extinct on the last century including  11 mammalian species, says an updated red list of species drown by International Union for Conversation of Nature (IUCN) and forest department  of Bangladesh on 1,619 species in Bangladesh.

They disclose their findings on Wednesday in the report titled ‘Updating Species Red List of Bangladesh’ and the researchers used internationally recognized methodology.

The report said that around 390 species are facing extinction in last fifteen years and 14 new species included in the list.

The report enlisted the species out of danger, threatened, critically endangered, endangered and vulnerable categories in this part of the world.

Among the surveyed 1,619 species, the study showed 50 percent of them are out of danger, 2 percent are nearly extinct, 11 percent endangered, 9 percent vulnerable and 6 percent near threatened.

Among the extinct wild life 11 are mammalian, 19 are from bird’s genre and 1 reptile vanished in last 15 years.

The 200-strong team of surveyor imposed uniform method in their survey and the red list status has been published in seven volumes of the books.

Deputy Minister Abdullah Al Islam Jakob said, “These books will facilitate the coordination and co-operation to the national program to manage biodiversity in our country.”

Mohammad Shahad Mahmud, the project Manager for updating red list species in Bangladesh, said, “These books are not books but a conversation status of species.”

Head of the red list bird section, Inam Al Huq said, “Wild lives are endangered worldwide but rapidly extinct in South Asian Countries with mass destruction of the natures.”

Researcher Mustafa Firoz from bird section said, “The birds are extinct because of the destruction of their habitat forests.”

The series data will help the government policy to restore species from extinction as the report of IUCN is globally acclaimed with many conversations on the precaution to save Bangladesh’s species from extinction.

The survey funded by the World Bank was conducted straight after year 2000 with including two more genres into its survey arena.

The latest report includes Crustaceans and Butterflies species with predetermined species – Bird, Fish, Mammal, Amphibian and Reptile.