UN concerns over killing in Bangladesh
June 13th, 2016 Author On frontnews, highlighted, News, Politics
UN concerns over killing in Bangladesh

Dhaka – The United Nations has expressed concern over the recurring attacks on secularist bloggers, people from minority faiths and academics claimed by suspected Islamists in Bangladesh, media reports said Monday.

UN High commissioner for Human Rights Zeid Ra’ad Hussain said in a statement Monday came up with the concerns over the rise in number of attacks in the South Asian country that target freethinkers, liberals, religious minorities and LGBT activists.

He urged for justice into those killings.

In a wide-ranging introductory speech on the United Nations Human Rights council in Geneva the UN high Commissioner called for the investigations and prosecution of the perpetrators to practice humanity in the Muslim Major country.

He also asks the government and opposition to do more for the affected group.

“I also urge all government officials, political and religious leaders to unequivocally condemn these attacks on freedom and to do more to protect affected groups,” Zeid added.

Bangladesh is under the threat of ushering Islamic Militancy as some 40 people were killed in attacks claimed by Islamic militants since early 2013.

Free thinkers, secularist bloggers, rights activists, academics and religious minority groups are the targets.