Hasina seeks people’s support to curb militancy in Bangladesh  
June 8th, 2016 Author On frontnews, highlighted, News, Politics, Top News
Hasina seeks people’s support to curb militancy in Bangladesh  

Dhaka – Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on Wednesday sought cooperation from the people to contain the wave of terrorist attacks that killed a number of progressive people in the last couple of years.

Evidences show perpetrators of those killings are linked either with Bangladesh Nationalist Party or its ally Jamaat-e-Islami, said while addressing a press conference at her official Ganabhaban residence.

The press conference was organised on her recent visits to Saudi Arabia and Japan. Hasina returned home concluding her Saudi visit on Tuesday.

The Prime Minister answered a volley of questions ranging from domestic political affairs to and matters related to mutual interest between Bangladesh and the countries she had visited.

Hasina Saudi visit

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina addresses a press conference on her recently concluded visit to Saudi Arabia

To a question of recent attacks by suspected Islamists militants, Hasina said that all clues, nature of killing and identity of the persons arrested substantiate that the killers have same link and root in BNP and Jamaat.

“If anybody knows more about the militants and terrorists’ link with the heinous acts can disclose their names and address to the law enforcing agencies,” she said.

It should not be forgotten the fact that the militants raised their heads in Bangladesh under patronization of BNP and Jamaat, she said adding that the extremists brought out processions under police protection during their regime.

“Those who do not want the country’s progress secretly devised the blueprint of assassinations and they will not succeed if the people are alerted,” Hasina said.

Recalling the atrocities allegedly by BNP-Jamaat clique on the first anniversary eve of 10th parliamentary elections in Bangladesh, the premier said the defeated forces are now attempting such cowardice attacks.

“I am the head of government. I have all the information, but we can’t disclose all them for the sake of investigation. We are tracing them. A militant is militant regardless his involvement to any political party,” she added.

Bangladesh has been experiencing a wave of attacks by suspected Islamists that left bloggers, activists, professors and people from different other professions hacked to death in broad daylight.


A press conference at the Prime Minister’s official Ganabhaban residence

Terming Islam as the religion of peace, Hasina said terrorism has no place in Bangladesh.

“Such murders in the name of the Islam is demeaning the religion and disobeying Allah (the God),” she added.

Terming Bangladesh progress in every index in MDG as miracle the premier said her initiatives to progress the life style of country people applauded everywhere.

To a question about strengthening relation between Saudi Arabia and Bangladesh, the premier said the Saudi government showed interest to import skilled professionals such as doctors, engineers, nurses from Bangladesh.

“A Saudi business delegation will come to Bangladesh in November to ink an agreement on business,’ she added.

Hasina also said that Bangladesh will assist Saudi Arab in its fights against terrorism.

To a question on relations with Pakistan in the wake of execution of pro-Pakistani politicians convicted of war crimes, Hasina said Pakistan’s stance clearly proved that those who are being tried in Bangladesh were engaged in atrocities during the 1971 war of liberation.

She said the diplomatic relations with Pakistan will not be cut. “But we don’t except their comments.”